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Racing steering wheel

model: ELSACO NG/B

Professional massive and very resistant metalic racing steering wheel for best performance and realistic feel of ride.

For any Windows PC computer games


  • uncompromising metal construction, massive ball bearings, 3 phase AC servo motor
  • extremely fast reaction with ultimative precision (more then 40k div/turn)
  • fast and strength force feedback with 5,7 Nm torque on wheel rim
  • unlimited wheel rotation without destroyable mechanical stops
  • adjustable wheel shaft length
  • sw adjustable stops (16 Nm) 180 ÷ 960°, adjustable centering, damping, friction
  • temperature motor sensor and speed controlled cooling fan
  • 11 fully configurable buttons + 2 rotating paddles
  • standard 6 holes / 70 mm flange for wheel rim
  • USB-B connection, Windows device driver (Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
  • 24 months warranty


very small steering wheel latency:

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